10 Ways to Become the Better Version of Yourself

10 Ways to Become the Better Version of Yourself

Ever since childhood, we are used to of hearing words: “Do your best”, “Be your best” but have you ever wondered what actually does these mean? People often confuse it with giving their best shot to stay ahead of others in various aspects of life. However, what we forget is that the competition is not with others but with us.

Aren’t we all work in progress? Yes, we all are! To be happy and content the best you can do is to become the better version of yourself. And, here are 10 ways to be the best of you:

1. Stop Negative Self-Talk

Knowing your strengths and weakness is one thing and believing that you are not capable of doing something is completely another thing. Don’t let the inner you criticize you! Self-kindness to you is vital for achieving success in life.

2. Forgive Yourself

We all are humans and tend to make mistakes. Its fine to commit mistakes but don’t be too hard on yourself. Self-forgiveness is one of the most crucial ways to stay positive and come out of failures.

3. Love Yourself

If you can’t love the way you are, how can you expect others to love and accept you! None of us is perfect; own your flaws and become the better version of yourself. Don’t forget “Self-love is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

4. Stop Pleasing Everyone Around

Accept the fact that you can’t always please people surrounding you. Pleasing others will make you sacrifice your thoughts, ideas or happiness many times. Stop being a doormat and understand self-value, have confidence and stand on your own ground.

5. Stop Overthinking

Most of the dreams never come true due to the fear of what others will think? Will I be able to do it? and many such apprehensions. To be the best version of yourself it is imperative to stop overthinking about any situation. Overthinking hampers your ability to take decisions and kills creativity and courage. You can’t stay positive if you will keep thinking about one thing constantly.

6. Keep Your Circle Positive

There’s no point of having a dozen of friends but still, you striving hard to stay positive. Surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook towards life and can bring out the best in you. Supportive friends will always love to see you becoming the better version of yourself.

7. Learn from Your Failures

Success and failure are like two sides of a coin; you can have either of it and failure doesn’t mean you are a loser in life. Remember success always tastes better after failures of life. Learn from your defeats and push yourself to give the best of yourself. Failure doesn’t count, what actually matters is how you learn to bounce back!

8. Accept Changes as Growth Opportunities

We always forget that change is the only constant thing in life and act all surprised when situations turn around. Learn to take changes as new growth opportunities and come out to be as a better version of yourself.

9. Have Faith and Take Chances

Have faith in the process of the universe and take risks in life when you least expect success. Trust your intuition and go for new avenues in life; maybe a new job, learning a new skill or making a phone call. Take chances. Take the leap of faith and stay positive.

10. Have Fun in Life

There are days in life when you feel low and it does not feel like there is any progress in life. During such situations take your challenges as blessings to prove your worth. Take a step back and have fun in life, enjoy little moments in life and appreciate everything that life throws at you.

In this process to become a better version of yourself, always remember that whatever you are facing at the present is there to teach us something that would be of our higher interests in future!

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