5 Vital Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 

– Lao Tzu

Undoubtedly love is one of a kind feeling and understanding the concept of love is unfathomable. The warm and mushy feelings of love in healthy relationships make them more joyous and emotionally abundant. Any successful relationship is not built overnight; it takes two people to adjust with each other regardless of the factor that how different they are! 

If love can make one strong, a broken relationship can turn one’s whole world upside down. There is no secret recipe for healthy relationships. There are certain basics that govern any love relationship and here are 5 vital characteristics that are the key to any successful relationship:

5 Vital Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

Open and Heart-to-Heart Communication

Communication is the essential characteristic of healthy relationships. It is the bridge that connects two people, two souls. Without an open and honest communication with your partner, how is it possible to understand what’s going on in other person’s mind and heart space?

A successful relationship is built when there is a heart-to-heart communication between partners. Most of the relationships go through hard times due to lack of right communication. And, listening too is a part of communication, make sure you and your partner share thoughts with each other, clear out differences and understand each other’s perspective without getting offended.

Friends First

A relationship does wonders if two people are friends first before being lovers or life partners. Being friend with your partner makes the relationship more healthy, joyous and harmonious. Love is obviously there in friendship too, but the bond that one feels with a friend is amazing. 

Wouldn’t it be such a great feeling to have a lifelong friend by your side in this journey of life? Make your bond special, be friends with each other and see how beautiful your love life is going to be!


Being patient with your partner is not an easy thing to do. Most of us give up on love or situations that demand patience and hence, the failed love relationships or marriages. When faith in your relationships is dwindling, always remember what kept you holding on it for so long. As you expect patience from your better half, make sure you are patient towards them as well. 

No matter how much love is there, if patience goes out of the window it won’t take healthy relationships turn out into toxic relationships.


It is not just limited to respecting one’s opinions and choices, but it also means respecting your partner’s personal space and time. Often people fall out of love stating their partner not respecting their space and time. Make sure you understand the importance of respecting the overall personality of your partner.


Loyalty is still one of the most powerful virtues and the most underrated one too! Healthy relationships have a loyal commitment towards each other. And, loyalty should not only be expected from your partner but one must be loyal to oneself too! How beautiful and satiating feeling it is to have someone by your side that is never going to leave you for any other. 

Nothing is more attractive than loyalty till date!

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