7 Natural Ways to Weight Gain

Shedding those extra kilos is not everyone’s goal; for some putting on few kgs while maintaining a healthy body is equally important. And, trust me as simple as it seems, it is absolutely not unless you are not gorging on junk food! Weight gain in a natural way is important for a healthy and fit body. 

Here are 7 natural ways to gain weight in a healthy manner:


1. Powerhouse “Peanut Butter”

Packed with an enormous amount of protein and fat, peanut butter is an excellent weight gain food. It consists of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B, Vitamin E, magnesium and folic acids. Besides being healthy breakfast option, it increases your daily calorie intake.

Powerhouse “Peanut Butter”

2. Give a try to “Red Meat”

Red meat has high cholesterol and is an effective and easy way to weight gain process. Also, it is a good source of iron and proteins. However, make sure red meat is not combined with saturated fats as this combination does not help in healthy weight gain.

3. Have “Fruits”

Fruits have multiple benefits; right from making your skin look radiant to gaining weight in a health way. Tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, pineapple and banana have good natural sugar and thus, help in weight gain naturally. In fact, fruits are a must have for healthy breakfast.

4. Gorge those “Nuts”

Can’t stop those regular hunger cravings? Go for nuts then! To naturally gain weight and feel fuller for a long duration of time, nuts are a great choice. Also, these are a rich source of fat and essential nutrients.


5. Weight Gain with “Whole Wheat Bread”

Whole wheat bread is ideal for healthy breakfast; it gives enough calories and contains the essential minerals and fiber that lack in white bread. It helps in healthy weight gain and keeps your cravings at a bay for quite a long time.

6. Choose “Whole Fat Milk”

Switching to whole fat milk is helpful to gain weight naturally. A glass full of whole fat milk provides extra 60 calories as compared to skimmed milk. Loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, it makes for a healthy breakfast as well.

7. Amazing “Avocados”

A healthy fat source, avocado is an excellent food item for weight gain. Half of an avocado is packed with 140 calories. It also contains high levels of folic acids, Vitamin E and potassium. You can eat it in salads or how about avocado smoothie!

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