“7 Reasons Why Your Partner Should be Your Best Friend”

Isn’t this a million dollar question? 

There are no predefined rules about what’s right or wrong in a relationship. Some people believe it’s better to have someone else other than your partner as your best friend. Contrary to this, many are of the belief that when your partner is your best friend, things are more sorted and happy in their life.

Finding true and ever-lasting love can arguably be a best bet for you. But, here’s why having your partner as your best friend is the best thing in the world.

7 Reasons Why Your Partner Should be Your Best Friend

1. You are More You into the Relationship

It is because you two already share the beautiful bond of best friends. There’s no reason to act out in a relationship or pretend what you are not. You can completely be yourself!

2. Can Easily Adjust to Your Partner’s Taste

As you’re already used to of each other, you are aware what your partner likes and dislikes. You both are always prepared to deal with any arising issues.

3. You Know Each Other’s Bad Side

Being best friends you know weaknesses, insecurities and dark sides of each other. You two know each other so well that some weird habits of one another have become strangely endearing.

4. Your Fights are Less Hurtful & Damaging

Having fights and a few disagreements are common in any relationship. However, with your partner as your best friend, the fights and issues which can blow out of the proportion are often turned into playful disagreements.

5. You Don’t Fear to be judged for Your Past

That’s because you two are best friends first and know each other’s past very well. Infact, you both laugh discussing the past relationships of each other.

6. You Share Jokes that No One Else Understands

Being best friends, the random laughing, singing and dancing between you both is worth admiration. There are terms and phrases that only you two can understand.

7. You Both Connect at Much Deeper Level

As friendship is the foundation of your relationship, you both connect at much deeper level. It often seems that you understand what your partner wants even before they speak it out. You two are totally in sync with each other as you both are best friends too!

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