Experience with Liqui Moly with my Royal Enfield Classic 350

 I am writing this after using liquid molly 15W50 engine oil after using 3000 km in my Royal Enfield Classic 350. I was using liquid Gun 15W50 in my Classic 350 for first 4 free services and just waiting to get this free service over. I really want to try different engine oil for my Royal Enfield. I bought this bike last year in August 2018. The kind of oil I am looking for is semi synthetic or synthetic engine oil. I went for 5th service for my bike not in Royal Enfield service center but local experienced mechanic  and I want to go for Motul  5100 15W-50 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil but my mechanic suggested for Liqui Molly 15w50. My mechanic is a experience person and he said we used to suggest Motul but Liqui Molly is better than Motul. He said Motul is also good but if you compare both of them then my first preference will be Liqui Moly. So I tried Liqui Moly fully synthetic 15W50 and this engine oil cost me Rs 2100 for 2.5 liters. I changed engine oil at 11743 KM on my bike meter reading and now my meter is 15000, More than 3000 KM is done. Oil is still good for another 2000 or 3000 KM. 


Things that I observed when switched to liquid molly

1. Vibrations get reduced. People who ride Enfield they know at or  above 80km/hr it start vibrating but this have reduced the vibration a lot that I used to give before. I will say 50% vibration gone.

2. I have noticed with previous oil it makes a very low metal colliding noise which sound like two metal colliding without lubrication like a bell rings but not like exactly bell sound might be tappet noise. There is always little bit tappet noise in Royal Enfield which is okay. Royal Enfield users know that but when is use this oil it sound like two metal rods are dipped in oil. It’s not sharp noise. This sound has bass into it. I am not an expert but I hope you can understand what I mean.

3. I have done 3000 km and still oil is in good condition. colour is medium brown on this oil now.. I feel oil is performing much better now before it was newly poured. Bike runs smooth.  I am happy with the performance.

I am planning for small trip of 1000 km and I will keep you update after that. Till now my bike is in stock condition. Nothing is changed except handlebar. Stock handlebar is little bit small which gives shoulder pain so I installed RD 350 handlebar and it’s very comfortable. My suggestion for you who have Royal Enfield or other bikes is that clean the chain and lube it on 300 to 400 km and your bike will perform much better because most of the problem starts from there if bike is not chain not cleaned or lubed properly then sprocket or teeth or chain can break, this can give load to engine and engine will be stressed and it will give low average and low performance. Use stock silence, don’t change stock silencer.I usually ride between 60 to 80km/hr of speed.  My RE Classic 350 gives 42 km to 44 km/liter average in city and in highways it gives 50 to 53 km/liter. 

I will update you in future. Ride safe .


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