Motul 7100 Or Motul 300V?

I am always confused which engine oil should I use Motul 7100 Or Motul 300?. I have bike that uses 10W40 grade engine oil. I did a lot of research what engine oil should be best for my bike. I own “Yamaha FZ 25”. With lot of research i found Motul 7100 is best for my bike. It’s not that i am forcing you to use it because i find it best. It’s up to you and i will tell you why i find perfect for my bike. My bike runs smooth, Vibration is low and engine is smooth.

Motul 7100 Or Motul 300V?


I want to use Motul 300V for my bike just like every biker have dream that why not i give best to my bike. Of course 300V is little bit pricy as compare to 7100 but if a person can go for 7100 he can push for 300v. It hardly matter not eating pizza for one day. Lolz

So in research I found 300V is designed for “racing use”. I thought i also do racing , rev my bike then why not i use it but I found its only for racing use The oils do not meet the API / SAE requirements for ratings as SJ, SL or SM. This oil is epically designed ofr racing track bikes. Motul’s 300V 4T is also NOT certified JASO MA or API SL which our bike want.

Racing Oil is not usable for everyday riding or driving like commuting or touring, Racing oil have more additives that are toxic to your catalytic converters. These oils generally do not have detergents which is very important for the engine unless if you are planning to open engine every few week and cleaning every single surface.  Motul 300v which is racing engine oil will give you additional BHP which is good if you are using in racing bike but if you are commuter like me who rides your bike in city for daily use and go for small touring in couple of months than you should not use 300V, both are fully synthetic oil. It’s the matter of choice for what purpose you are using this engine oil. Remember 7100 is not a cheap oil and I am not saying it’s bad. I am using 7100 and it’s perfect for my bike.

Motul 7100 100% synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Standard viscosity grade, almost recommended by motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. Anti-wear additives and shear resistance for perfect gear protection and life time.

Motul 300v 100% synthetic racing lubricant based on Motul proprietary “Double Ester-Technology”. Exceeds all manufacturers specifications and standards. Recommended for all use in all superbikes and performance manufactured by Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati and others.

So my recommendation is if you have commuter or touring bikes  then go for Motul  7100 and if you are using you bike for track racing and using it to get more power then go for 300v both are fully synthetic oils.

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